Пільги на капремонт для пенсіонерів та інвалідів


People all over the world eat different food because each country and people in it have their ideas about what is good to eat and what is the best diet for them.

My family isn’t large. It consists of four members. But each member of our family has his or her own interests and tastes.

Breakfast in our family is a very big and rich meal. We have not only toasts with butter, jam of honey, but a cheese sandwich, ham or sausage fried eggs and or porridge as well. We prefer tea at breakfast more often than coffee. But my little sister prefers juice. She likes orange or grapefruit juice. My mother has a light breakfast of just yoghurt and an orange. My father likes cornflakes with milk or sandwiches.

As for me when I get up in the morning the only thing I can take is a glass of some juice or mineral water, I can’t eat anything. Even after the shower I am not ready for breakfast. My stomach wakes up at about 10 o’clock and I become really hungry. I can go to the school canteen and eat there.

On the weekend my usual breakfast at home is a cup of tea with some sandwiches or scrambled eggs with milk, or some serial with milk. I love when my mom cooks pancakes on Saturday mornings.

Lunch is not very popular in our country. But if I stay longer at school I go to the canteen together again with my classmates. We have a bit of choice there. Sometimes I take some snack from home — a ham sandwich or a cheese sandwich.

When I come home after school at about 2 or 3 o’clock I always have some soup. My mom cooks very well and her soups are delicious! My favourite kinds of soup are chicken soup, mushroom soup and red beet soup. I like eating soup with black bread.

The biggest meal of the day is dinner or supper, of course. When we all come home (which does not happen very often) we gather at the kitchen and have supper. Before this I or my sister help our mom to cook. Because my mom is tired after work, too. For the main course we typically have some potatoes or with vegetables meat or fish. The most typical meat is pork, beef or chicken. Mom also serves different kinds of salads as appetizers.

As for my habits, I can say that I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I don’t like chocolate or sweets very much. I also don’t like pastry — rolls, buns, cakes and pies. To be healthy, I also eat lots of fruit.

When we go somewhere out together with my family we prefer Chinese food, sushi or some tasty hot pizza. However, I like trying cuisine of different countries. My parents a lot travel and mom always brings recipes of national cuisine countries of those that they visit. At home she tries to cook it — it’s really good for a change!

I like the saying very much: «We should always remember that we eat to live but not live to eat.»

Переклад деяких слів:

diet – дієта, харчування, food – їжа, taste – смак, honey – мед, jam – варення, джем, Porridge – каша, yoghurt – йогурт,cornflakes – кукурудзяні пластівці, шлунку – шлунок, canteen – їдальня, a pancake – блін, snack – закуска, перекус, delicious – дуже смачний, red beet soup – борщ, the main course – основна страва, pork – свинина, beef – яловичина, an appetizer – закуска, to serve – подавати, to have a sweet tooth – бути ласунам, pastry – випічка, cuisine – кухня (харчування), національна кухня, a recipe – рецепт it’s really good for a change – добре для зміни, «самохіть»

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